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Service: Pin Production FAQ

Robot Dragon Studios

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This is a service product.

I will provide guidance with the following:

- the difference between hard enamel & soft enamel pins
- metal types and restrictions
- zinc alloy vs iron 
- color picking
- how to pick a manufacturer (quality, specializations, etc)
- how to submit for quotes from a manufacturer
- pin file setup
- production process (hard vs soft vs struck)
- complex pin options
- grading or not
- pin back types & their uses

You will need:

- a design you would like to pin
- printer
- $200-$800
- pin back popper (if you plan to card your pins)

Disclaimer: This is me walking you through how to make a pin using your design, having you start the process either a manufacturer either you find or I provide and me making sure we go from design through production together in case you have any questions or need help.

I do not guarantee how your pins will turn out. They are made by hand, we all have completely different expectations on grading (some people are picky, some aren't). This is simply a paid guided tutorial like a class.