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Momocon & Nashville Comicon 2024

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So for anyone who is following along up to this point, if you have been following from Minnesota this is where you need to realize a few things about how I run my business. Currently, I don't pay myself. I don't make any money, it's all reinvested back into new products, shipping items, backing cards, storage items, etc. This is my full time job. The whole reason I am doing events is to expand my audience with the goal of eventually paying myself and some help. Running a business alone is extremely time consuming.

That being said, I did put these expenses on my business credit card. Not everyone is even going to have one of these. I have a separate business account for my business and recommend that anyone running a company does this. It's easier when you're looking back for specific charges and costs. I'm not doing this as a hobby.

Applications, Acceptance & SO MUCH UPFRONT MONEY
So I decided in late 2023 I wanted to do events in 2024. When Momocon applications opened for vendors in November, I jumped and applied. Costs were extremely high for those spots and frankly I am glad I didn't get accepted as a vendor. In the future it'll be fine, but starting out, it wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done. Applications opened in early December for Artist Alley. I also applied to that.

Something to note that I never considered at the time is that some events do not let you apply for both. This event didn't care but I got lucky and this is NOT going to be the norm for every event. 

So January was a month of panic for me. I didn't realize how much of convention costs were up front payments MONTHS in advance for everything. I probably should have, but I live in a world of my own a lot of the time so I'm just making this very clear to anyone who may want to do conventions in the future that there are a TON of up front costs.

January 13th I got an email that waitlisted me in the Exhibit Hall. January 15th I got an email saying I had been accepted to Artist Alley. The same day, I was sent an invoice for Momocon. I paid $372.27 - this break down is $350 for the booth + a $22.27 processing fee. So really yeah my booth cost was $372.27 as far as I'm concerned. I paid the same day but going to include a screenshot of this because not every event has this.

I like that it did tell me a processing fee on this as well as how long we had to pay this, what is included in the cost (a booth + two badges). Booth costs will vary by what you select, costs also probably go up every year so don't use this as a baseline for what you will pay in the future or even for most events. 

I will note this again later, but I had applied for Nashville Comicon January 3rd 2024 and was accepted on January 13th, 2024 (so right before this) and their payment deadline was February 13th, 2024. I paid for Nashville Comicon on January 15th, which I paid for after I was accepted to Momocon. Prior to all this, I would also like to note I had been trying to figure out how to do Tidewater Comicon. It would have been Tidewater -> Momocon -> Nashville. Looking back I am glad this didn't happen. My sister's baby shower ended up scheduled on the same weekend as Tidewater instead of June.

I didn't need a hotel for this event, but I did need to fly. We only have one car that is functional (the WRX) and I can't just take this on extended trips currently. Any other out of town events I will be renting a vehicle for either way. For this one it was expensive to rent a vehicle for two weeks + 2 hotels (for the halfway stop between Georgia and Minnesota) to and from + gas costs. 

Either way January 19th, I booked a round trip flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta for $426.20 after all the wild fees. 

So at this point, my trip to Georgia is costing me $798.47 and I haven't even looked at hotels or parking at this point.

Someone in the Momocon discord posted a link to reserve parking March 4th, so I went ahead and reserved parking using my mom's vehicle. Parking was $67.80. The amount of processing or service fees I have paid up to this point is pretty ridiculous. My total at this point is $866.27 and $87.90 of that price is miscellaneous service fees.

I don't have any idea what a hotel costs for Momocon since I had always planned to stay with my parents, but we needed a reservation for May 31-June 2, 2024 for Nashville Comicon.

Going to skip to Nashville cost really quickly since this is becoming a double blog.

I will not be posting the reservation since my dad paid for it with his points, but the total was like $295.74. This actually cost me nothing, so I am going to do a quick estimated costs for it if I had paid for it. This doesn't matter as much right now but will make a huge difference on whether I decide to go in the future, especially since I will not always have a free or discounted place to stay for any event.

The hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn Nashville Vanderbilt. It also has a $40/day parking cost. I went and looked to get a general idea of what it would have cost without my dad covering it and I will probably keep this in mind when I need to do my math later.

You can see the cost if I had paid for it myself was going to be $720.70. Obviously for anyone who has a Hilton account, this would vary for your if you have points to spend, military discounts, etc. This is a pretty general price to have expected either way with parking included. 

Shipping costs for products:
Box 1: $25.11
Box 2: $25.11
Box 3: $25.91
Box 4: $24.31
Box 5: $50.26
Box 6
Box 7:

TLDR Momocon Expenses

Before the Event & Setup
I can't predict the future!

The Event Itself
Once the doors opened

I was actually in

The Details (TLDR)

Event: Momocon 2024
Dates: May 24-27, 2024
Location: x
Hours: x
Total Vendors: x
Attendance: x
Travelworthy: x
Booth Cost: $372.27 ($350 + $22.27 processing fee)
Total Sales: $tbd
Transaction Fees: $tbd
Taxes: $tbd
Total Profit: $tbd


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