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Mystery Pack: Cosplay, Corgi & Chaos Enamel Pins

Robot Dragon Studios

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Release Date: TBD 2024

These mystery pack options will provide a surprise at a discounted price, including a shot at any gift variants that aren't available for sale! We will try to avoid duplicates, but this is possible.

  • Size: TBD
  • Backstamp: Raised Robot Dragon Studios Logo & Year (2024)
  • Pinback: Double posts, Black Rubber Clutches
  • Type: Hard Enamel
  • Metals: Various
  • Origin: Made in Changde, Hunan (China)

The original artwork designed & copyrighted by Alesia Gitter. Edit this later.

  • Mystery Pack 1: 1 total pins
  • Mystery Pack 2: 3 total pins
  • Mystery Pack 3: 6 total pins
  • Mystery Pack 4: 9 total pins


What does Random Grade mean?                                                           

This means that the grade you receive from this will be randomly selected. You could get all Standards, all Bag grades, or a mix of both. 


What does Standard grade mean?                                                           

Enamel pins are handmade, so there is a high chance of imperfections. Faults may include:

  • tiny air bubbles trapped in the enamel
  • minor enamel underfill
  • minor metal plating imperfections or scratches
  • small nicks on the enamel or metal plating
  • imperfections around the sides or back of the pin


What does Bag grade mean?                                                                    

These are pins with flaws that are more obvious. Faults may include:

  • small areas of missing enamel
  • moderately scratched or nicked enamel or metal
  • small gouges in the enamel or metal
  • multiple imperfections
  • incorrect glitter
  • missing plating or flaking plating

Bag grade pins should be used with locking backs. These are intended to be worn on bags and backpacks, so it is important that they don't fall off. Since they aren't perfect, these are the best option for people who enjoy showing off their pins without spending as much.