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Siberian Husky/Corgski Ornaments

Robot Dragon Studios

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Release Date: June 11, 2021

Siberian Husky/Corgski ornament variation.

  • Size: 3.5 inches with 15mm star
  • Backstamp: Raised Robot Dragon Studios Logo & Stars
  • Type: Hard Enamel
  • Metals: Gold
  • Origin: Made in Suzhou, Jiangsu (China)

The artwork copyrighted by Alesia Gitter. 

June 2021 Releases

  • Koda, the Medium/Dark Gray Siberian Husky (Corgski) (Alesia Gitter) -  Open Edition
  • Bella, the Copper/Red Siberian Husky (Corgski) (Alesia Gitter) -  Open Edition
  • Ghost, the Pure White Siberian Husky (Corgski) (Alesia Gitter) - Open Edition


    What does Preorder mean?                                                           

    Preorder means that a limited number of early ornaments are reserved at a lower price in order to help push the design into production. These ornaments will not arrive immediately and will ship once they are in stock to people who preordered first. The estimated ship date will be listed as the release date. Any remaining ornaments will be listed accordingly and the release date will be adjusted to reflect the exact date the ornaments were released on. All preorder ornaments will be Standard grade. Colors are subject to change from the preorder image.


    What does Standard grade mean?                                                           

    Enamel ornaments are handmade, so there is a high chance of imperfections. Faults may include:

    • tiny air bubbles trapped in the enamel
    • minor enamel underfill
    • minor metal plating imperfections or scratches
    • small nicks on the enamel or metal plating
    • imperfections around the sides or back


    What does Bag grade mean?                                                                    

    These are ornaments with flaws that are more obvious. Faults may include:

    • small areas of missing enamel
    • moderately scratched or nicked enamel or metal
    • small gouges in the enamel or metal
    • multiple imperfections
    • incorrect glitter
    • missing plating or flaking plating