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Limited Edition Blue Dragon Paper Clip

Robot Dragon Studios

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Release Date: March 2022

Nebula was feeling left out, so we have some limited edition blue dragon paper clips based on him! Since these are very expensive plating, these will only be produced in this color once.

Want paper clips but can't really think of any reason to really have them? Lucky for you, we came up with a list! Don't let anyone question you or the things you don't necessarily need buy want to buy anyway.

Things you can do with dragon paperclips besides clipping paper.

1. DIY Zipper
2. Bookmark
3. Mark end of tape on a roll
4. Emergency Hairclip (lol)
5. Food Package Clip
6. Tie clip
7. Money Clip
8. Wrapping Paper Clip
9. Memo Hanger (Wrap on a piece of string and attach paper to paper clip)
10. Secure the bottom of a calendar

  • Size: 1.45 x 1.77 inches (37mm x 45mm) (18G)
  • Quantity: 100 pieces or 10 pieces
  • Metal: Metallic Blue
  • Storage: TBD Steel Box
  • Origin: Made in Dongguan, Guangdong (China)

The artwork copyrighted by Alesia Gitter. 

  • Blue Dragon Paper Clips LE 100