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Geek Craft Fair @ Boom Island Brewery 2024

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Where to even start. I guess I will start with Rachel Silberman was posting events for the brewery she works at. Either way, I didn't really qualify for most of them as they were themed. Nintendo, LOTR, Arcades, etc. Honestly, if you just look at their page you will see the variety they host. Everything from cars to live music to themed shopping events or activities. I wish I lived closer because the whole place gives off a really fun place to be kind of vibe.

The event was also on TV the week of! I guess I took a really terrible picture but I was excited and didn't think about it just that I wanted to tell my friends. Either way, Boom Island had events going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I was busy and didn't get a chance to attend on Saturday or Friday like I had wanted, but my friends who did said it was a great time!

Either way, the advertising and promotion worked.

Before the Event & Setup
We all got emails but we didn't know where we'd be until we arrived. There were not a lot of vendors, so it was super easy to find our spots. Variety was really good.

Emails included things like load in time with the earliest we could arrive if wanted. I ended up getting there around 10:40am, I had intended on being there at 11am. We brought our own tables (6ft) and we were supposed to bring chairs (oops I forgot mine). The people to my right were kind enough to offer me an extra seat if I needed it.

I didn't bring my wagon and should have. Tables just weigh so much. I did get cash before the event and am glad I did! Setup was quick and I got to chat with all the artists around me. I had a smaller table than normal but I got to test out my little sticker display.

I love my panic puffs so much lol. I can't wait to have just a rainbow of them. SOOON!

My booth neighbor was the lovely Nakama Nerd Op and I wish I could remember the other one. They had leather goods and dice and some wood items. I will edit this if I can remember them omg. Kikicraft was also there! It's always a delight talking to her. She brightens up every event with her energy. Wolf Dynasty Studios was exiled to the back room! We had to wave from across the room and text. It was still good fun though. = ) She said I could share a picture of her booth in the back! 

The Event Itself
It was busy! I didn't have at ton of down time and I wish I had brought more water. Two bottles was not enough haha. People were fun to talk to, the artists around me were really fun to chat with and it was such a nice day. I think that helped a lot.

Also one of my customer's brought their dog over! Another from backerkit also stopped by to see me. I never know if I should name names, so I won't haha just know that I super appreciate it!

Moosey is actually going to be a wizard pin so I am extra excited to deliver these in person! I am so happy this was a dog friendly location. Totally snuck away from my table to go pet the corgi. I didn't have a helper today so I couldn't sneak out for as long as I would have liked.

What Worked & What Did Not
The venue was extremely nice. I had been to a similar one over in Blaine.. can't recall the name right now maybe Tipsy Cow or something, but it had that brewery feel where it was warm and welcoming. They actually went the extra mile with the themes though because they even had 

IT WAS DOG FRIENDLY! Oh my god. I remember she mentioned we could be outside with a tent but now I know WHY I should do this for next time. Think of all the dogs I didn't get to pet because I was inside!

Vendors parked in the back, so there weren't any complaints from this event about parking which was great. 

I will definitely apply to another one of these events! It was well organized, the crowd itself was enjoyable regardless if they were buying anything and the artist selection was really good.

It was actually my best in person event as of me writing this as well. Even if you don't ever plan to vend here, at least attend! It's a lot of fun and they have more than just beer.

The Details (TLDR)

Event: Geek Craft Fair
Date: April 14, 2024
Location: Boom Island Brewing, 5959 Baker Rd #320, Minnetonka, MN 55345
Hours: Noon-5pm CST
Total Vendors: 13
Attendance: 350-400
Travelworthy: It was worth the 40 minute drive for me. Depending on what you sell, it may not be worth, but I think as long as you keep with the theme you will be fine. Not worth out of state travel. This was a good local one day event.
Booth Cost: $40 
Total Sales: $362
Transaction Fees: $9.21
Taxes: $28.45
Total Profit: $284.34


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